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Love is what motivates and inspires us.

What I discovered in 2020 is that the purest love to walk into my life took the form of a pug. My beloved Dali.

Despite the world being in turmoil with the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 became the year to remember for all the right reasons. It was the year I became a mum to an adorable pug!

The aim behind frankly, my dali, was to bring the love between Dali and I to life and share it with the world. Our products all feature neutral tones and minimalistic designs as a reflection of this pure love felt between dog and owner.

The team at frankly, my dali has sourced and designed a great range of dog wear and fashion accessories that would look gorgeous on all dogs.
We hope you love our products as much as we do.

Love is what makes life worth living, and frankly, my Dali, I do give a damn!

Diana and Dali 
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